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Technology Videos

Opel driver technology

Get in and experience a new way to drive

From the moment you get into your Opel, experience maximum comfort and safety with our advanced driver assistance and technologies.

We offer a wide range of features, all designed to make every drive simple, secure and comfortable.

Watch the videos to find out which features enhance your personal driving experience – and then let your local Opel dealership welcome you for a test drive to try them out.


Technical features

Opel’s adaptive forward lighting LED (afl) 
Opel’s LED Headlights are bright, safe, and smart. Our Adaptive Forward Lighting enhances your overall visibility during night and low-light drives, providing optimum illumination on every road. 
Opel’s Automatic Cruise Control 
Our Automatic Cruise Control prevents bumper-to-tail collisions, and helps you relax by taking over braking and accelerating to maintain a set distance from the vehicle in front of you while cruising. 
Opel’s Advanced Park Assist 
At speeds under 30KM/H, the Advanced Park Assist technology recognises suitable parking spaces. The system takes control of the steering wheel and automatically parks itself, while you just gently brake or accelerate.  
Opel’s 180° or 360° camera 
The 180° Panoramic Rear View Camera system is activated from the moment you begin to reverse, showing the driver if vehicles or pedestrians are approaching and making parking simple and safe. For an even better perspective, the 360° Surround Vision shows your car from a birds-eye view, capturing the immediate surroundings outside your field of vision. 
Opel’s front camera „Opel eye“ 
The intelligent Opel Eye Front Camera system scans the road and detects potential hazards. Traffic Sign Assistant reads street signs, while Lane-Keep Assist technology prevents drifting and even gently course-corrects. The Forward Collision Alert continuously measures speed and distance to vehicles ahead, and initiates emergency braking if necessary. 
Opel’s Ergonomic Active Seats 
Certified by the German Campaign for Healthier Backs (AGR), our Ergonomic Active Seats are designed to guarantee maximum comfort and well-being for driver and passengers. Up to 18 adjustable seating positions plus wellness features help you to avoid back pain even on the longest drives.
Opel’s heated features
Opel’s ThermaTec windshield with integrated wires quickly melts away ice and snow. Heated front and rear seats and the heated steering wheel make sure driver and passengers always feel warm during cold weather. 
Opel’s keyless open & start system
Keyless Open & Start technology recognises you as the driver and automatically unlocks the doors and boot of your Opel when your car key comes within range of your car. With the smart Start & Stop system you can drive off while the key remains in your pocket. 
Opel’s hands-free liftgate
With the Hands-Free Liftgate, the tailgate of your Opel automatically opens and closes with a simple wave of your foot beneath the rear bumper. For even more comfort, you can adjust the height of the trunk individually.