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Dive into Vivaro's functional and flexible features


Available in one size; 5.3 m. The Vivaro offers a great balance between compact exterior dimensions and spacious, highly flexible interiors. It is perfectly suited for city streets and is capable of transporting three Euro pallets. 
Parking friendly
Sliding doors give a wide and comfortable opening into the rear for passengers and cargo, and the Vivaro’s sub-1.9m1 height ensures safe access to underground car parks. 


Flex cargo
The innovative FlexCargo® 2-seat passenger bench expands the Vivaro’s flexibility, creating a highly competitive load volume of up to 6.6m3(1) and maximum load length of up to 4m.
Take advantage of a maximum loadthrough length of 2.86m in the long-wheelbase Vivaro, or use the FlexCargo®2 partition wall flap for objects up to 4m in length.

1Choose the Vivaro Van in large with FlexCargo® for maximum load volume of up to 6.6m3.
Sliding doors
With a one sided sliding door, opening your Vivaro and accessing its vast load space has never been more effortless. 
Unique amongst competition, the Vivaro has a length of 5.3 m – perfect for drivers who need to navigate city streets or urban areas regularly.  

Mobile office

Spacious cabin
Enjoy a high degree of comfort in the Vivaro’s spacious cabin. 
With open storage boxes in the dashboard, wells in the door pockets for 1.5l bottles and a glovebox with cooling function, the Vivaro has a space for everything. 
Sound proofing
With various materials throughout the cabin providing additional soundproofing, you can keep outside noise at bay, making for a more relaxed driving experience.

Driver support

Driver support pack
Staying alert isn’t always easy. Driver Drowsiness Alert analyses your driving patterns via the front camera and steering wheel to let you know when it’s time for a quick break.
Lane Departure Warning recognises when the Vivaro is drifting lanes and alerts the driver via audio and visual cue. The advanced Smart Beam system switches your headlamps between high beam and dipped beam automatically to avoid blinding other drivers. Speed Limit Adaptation uses Speed Sign Recognition to analyse changes in the speed limit. With one push of the memory button, allow cruise control to adjust your speed accordingly.
Driver safety pack
With one touch of the memory button, Automatic Cruise Control lowers your speed to maintain a set distance from the car ahead in traffic scenarios, restoring it when the road clears. 
Blind Spot Alert uses sensors and a visual projection on the wing mirror, alerting the driver to vehicles in the Vivaro’s blind spot to prevent accidents in overtaking situations. Forward Collision Warning scans the road ahead to alert the driver to the potential for a collision with vehicles or pedestrians. If necessary, Automatic Emergency Braking takes action to avert an accident, applying the brakes independently of the driver.


Engines & transmissions
Go further on a single tank with the Vivaro’s range of powerful yet frugal Euro 6d-TEMP engines, offering up to 180hp, for low running costs, reduced emissions and maximum efficiency.
And enjoy precise gear changes for a slicker drive with the Vivaro’s automatic transmission with Paddle shift.
Total cost of ownership
Opel keeps you on the road for the lowest possible cost 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – increasing your business’s profitability.

Enjoy a combination of money-saving benefits:

  • 5 years or 100,000 kms warranty,
  • Opel original spare parts guaranteed
  • Low servicing and maintenance costs
  • Service intervals: up to 1 years/10,000 km

Opel+ accessories

Meeting your individual needs

Express yourself with original Opel+ accessories and make the most out of your Vivaro. Designed and tested for your Opel.

PIcture may differ from product on sale.

Floor mats
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Wind deflectors
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Load compartment protection kit
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Roof rails
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Towing hitch with ball
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