The SUV boom is simply unstoppable. As these cars become increasingly more popular across the world, many different types of SUV can be glimpsed on every road – so let’s talk here about the differences between them.

The differences between SUVs, Crossovers and Off-roaders.

Firstly, what does SUV actually mean? It’s an abbreviation of Sports Utility Vehicle, but just to complicate matters, there’s also the CUV – that’s a Crossover Utility Vehicle. So what’s the difference?

As the name implies, the crossover is a hybrid of styles – it has the visual appearance of a traditional SUV, but rather than using 4x4 All-Wheel-Drive it usually drives with just two wheels, and is therefore more like a regular car. In other words, don’t expect a CUV to deal very well with rocky terrain or harsh weather conditions in comparison to its SUV cousin. Off-road vehicles, on the other hand, are perfect for jogging over dirt roads and deep mud thanks to all-wheel drive, high ground clearance, and other terrain-suitable features.

Experience Opel’s SUV models.

Finding the right SUV isn’t always simple. Buyers are spoiled for choice, with over 90 different SUV models available in Europe right now. The division into sub-classes helps to simplify the process of choosing the right one for you.


City SUVs are generally compact and fall into the category of small CUV, often with a major focus on style and design, inside and out.


The Opel range includes the ADAM ROCKS and KARL ROCKS crossovers, both perfectly at home on city streets.

Compact SUVs are made for the everyday, combining 4x4 drive and genuine off-road ability with a refined driving experience on city streets and busy urban roads. Both the Mokka X and Grandland X from Opel can be considered compact SUVs, with All-Wheel-Drive systems or IntelliGrip traction control system and a high degree of practicality for families who enjoy exploring – learn more about the Grandland X.
Medium-sized SUVs offer many similar advantages to their compact counterparts, wrapped in a larger package with added flexibility for large families who need to transport luggage or equipment regularly. These cars often have premium cabins loaded with the latest technology – and the Insignia Country Tourer from Opel is no exception, also offering a dynamic driving experience.
Full-size SUVs exist in a league of their own. These cars can be very large, at over 5m in length, with space in the cabin for up to seven and very powerful engines beneath the hood. In most cases they offer many luxury features and can be used for any purpose: for urban commutes, family trips or off-road adventures. It goes without saying that these upmarket SUV cars can be more expensive. 

Which SUV type suits you best?

So, it’s clear that whatever your individual needs or budget – whether you need a car for everyday journeys, space for the whole family, or something capable of driving in rough terrain – there’s an SUV type for you. Perhaps you just want to drive something stylish. Whatever your demands, discover the perfect SUV for you in the Opel range.
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The stylish Crossland X delivers innovation with options from a head-up display and 180° rear view camera to automatic emergency braking, all designed to make city driving a breeze.


Our athletic SUV impresses with a sporty attitude, dynamic design, efficiency and superb technology - so you can recapture the magic of driving all over again.