The takeover is in full swing. There are many indications that SUVs will become the world’s favourite car type over the next few years. According to industry consultant LMC Automotive, global SUV sales rose by 12% in 20171 – and by 87% since 2013. In contrast, car sales as a whole only increased by 3% last year. On a global scale, only small, economical sedans outsold SUV cars in 2017.


So, what’s the secret to the increasing success of the SUV? Why does everybody like crossovers so much? And why are they such popular family cars? Of course, it’s partially the exciting design and the perception that they’re more fun to drive. Another factor may be that they offer plenty of space and, often, a high degree of flexibility.

Spacious and comfortable.

For families, flexibility is everything. Most SUVs offer a roomy and ergonomic interior, meaning a family with up to three kids can travel comfortably. Usually there is also an abundance of legroom, in the front as well as in the back. Leg cramping and uncomfortable seating positions should become a thing of the past when you switch to an SUV.


Of course, it’s not just humans who benefit from the generous dimensions. Dogs love riding in SUV cars too. They would tell you the same if they could. Instead of squeezing into the footwell, canine companions can make themselves comfortable in the typically-spacious trunk of an SUV. And Opel offers some additional equipment to give you peace of mind when driving with pets – the cargo grid, for example, separates the passenger area and the cargo area, therefore boosting protection and safety. 

More space means more flexibility.

However, the large trunk provides you with many more possibilities than just traveling with your beloved pets. With space to carry strollers, weekend shopping bags and beer crates all at once, trips to the supermarket are a breeze. The Opel Crossland X, for example, offers a cargo space of 410 litres, the largest load capacity in its class, a space which can be flexibly expanded to a hugely impressive 1,255 litres.  
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The advantages are obvious – big storage and versatile seating give you more flexibility in your everyday life, whatever the day brings. Do you fancy taking the whole family on a trip? With a big family SUV, that's no problem. Pack the kids’ bikes, barbeque equipment and camping accessories, and you’re good to go. SUV cars also can be of great value during a move, whether you want to transport your fridge or your favourite couch.

SUVs enhance your everyday life.

The bottom line: SUVs combine a sense of driving pleasure with serious practicality – and, thanks to the generous amount of space they offer, give drivers more options in their everyday lives. Maybe that’s the reason why SUVs are well on track to becoming the world’s most beloved car.



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