Somewhere inside all of us is a desire for adventure – but the need for predictability and rationality often counter that search for fun and excitement.  The fact that SUVs combine lifestyle and comfort so well might be the secret of their massive popularity. Read on to learn more about how an SUV can match your lifestyle.

SUVs are made for adventure.

Remember classic songs like "Autobahn" from Kraftwerk, "Fuel" from Metallica, or Queen’s "I'm In Love With My Car"? Driving already represented something special in popular music – and that feeling of freedom is what you feel when you are sitting in an SUV today. With the new Grandland X, Opel has the answer to your desire for adventure. Enjoy the freedom and conquer the road. Learn more about the Grandland X.


So, where does the SUV hype really come from? Of course, many rational reasons exist for buying a trendy off-road vehicle. They offer a high degree of security and flexibility, and often a high level of advanced tech. But buying a car is often a decision driven by heart rather than head, and the secret to the success of SUVs could be that many people associate the bodystyle of the car with a desirable lifestyle. Learn more about the advantages of SUV cars.

An SUV can fit your lifestyle perfectly.

What exactly is the SUV lifestyle about? Well, SUVs suit people who enjoy design and want a car which makes driving exciting again, while also giving you the freedom to go wherever you desire. So what’s your next destination? Do you want to detour off the road and into nature? Perhaps you have adventurous hobbies and an active lifestyle, and need to transport bulky equipment? Absolutely no problem – with an SUV you’re always in good hands. With Accessories such as like roof racks or bike carriers align perfectly to your individual needs.

Comfort and flexibility for all ages.

But SUVs are not just for adventure, leisure and sports. Thanks to their versatility they conquer one segment after the other, appealing not just to families but all age groups. Older people drivers benefit from the raised seating position and the ergonomic comfort – and the so-called "silver surfers" are the new adventurers who appreciate modern vehicles. Families benefit from the generous space and unique flexibility of the cabin and the trunk of the SUV, designed for adults and kids alike.

How SUVs reinvented their image.

Of course, SUVs (and what they represent) have had vocal opponents. For a long time, the image of the SUV as a fuel-hungry environmental monster had detered some buyers – but technology has evolved to the point that many SUVs nowadays actually appeal to environmentally-conscious drivers. Also, there are many ways of driving to achieve maximum efficiency.

Symbolising a new way of life.

As the SUV segment continues to grow in popularity, many of those who have made the switch to the lifestyle it offers can hardly imagine driving another type of car. Powerful engines, 4x4 All-Wheel-Drive
and exciting looks have proven to be a winning combination.


In short, driving an SUV can mean a completely new way of life – your car is also your partner in every adventure or activity, from taking a family trip to moving house. Learn more about the Opel SUV family.

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The stylish Crossland X delivers innovation with options from a head-up display and 180° rear view camera to automatic emergency braking, all designed to make city driving a breeze.


Our athletic SUV impresses with a sporty attitude, dynamic design, efficiency and superb technology - so you can recapture the magic of driving all over again.