Remember when SUVs suddenly began appearing on every street? The ’90s was the decade the segment began to boom, and many buyers were men in their 40s and 50s. Buying an SUV was often more an ego boost than a logical purchase – so what changed? When did these powerful, high-riding off-road vehicles turn from ego-boosters for a niche audience to family cars with mainstream appeal? When did these powerful, high-riding off-road vehicles turn from ego-boosters for a niche audience to family cars with mainstream appeal?

How SUVs became the new family car.

In the past ten or fifteen years, more and more young families have swapped their old hatchback for an SUV. The high driving position and the spacious flexibility these cars offer has earned them a place on many drivers’ wish lists, as have their style and more advanced engine technology.

6 advantages of SUVs for families:

1. King of the road: The elevated seating position gives you an unrivalled view of the road. With the optional reversing and front cameras, parking and maneuvering with the Opel SUV family are child's play.  Learn more about our SUV range.


2. Superb safety: In an SUV, your safety comes first, with a thick crumple zone, multiple airbags, belt systems for child seats and even safe transport for canine friends. Intelligent systems such as Automatic Emergency Braking or Automatic Park Assist guarantee high levels of safety for you, other drivers and pedestrians.


3. Space for all: The words "space problem" can be completely removed from your car’s vocabulary when you buy an SUV. The Opel Grandland X offers space and comfort for the whole family, including legroom and headroom for three adults in the rear, and a generous trunk for all their luggage. The days of feeling squeezed in are gone! Learn more about spacious SUVs


4. A question of style: Buying a car isn’t just a decision to be made by the head – the heart must be consulted too, and that’s where the matter of design comes in. Car design should be striking, and SUVs like the Opel Grandland X score extra points by turning heads on, or off, any road. Furthermore, impressive technology and infotainment keep the whole family entertained no matter how long the journey.


5. Ultimate flexibility, whatever the weekend brings: Childrens’ interests can change at the drop of a hat, but an SUV is prepared for all circumstances, hobbies and activities. The Grandland X, for example, offers the possibility to fold the rear seats down for up to 1,652 liters of luggage space, making it easy to move sports equipment or the wood for that tree house the kids have been dreaming of. Whatever the weekend brings, the Opel SUV range has flexibility in spades. Discover more here.


6. The best of both worlds: With Adaptive 4x4 All-Wheel Drive, the Opel SUV range offers a truly engaging driving experience on any terrain, whatever the weather. The Mokka X combines driving fun and precision of a sports car with the refinement of a family car. 

SUVs are more than a status icon.

It’s fair to say, then, that the old image of the SUV as nothing more than a status symbol is now seriously outdated. Today's SUV cars have much more to offer than just a striking design and the promise of an adventurous lifestyle. With a desirable combination of driving enjoyment, practicality and state-of-the-art technology, it’s no surprise that SUV cars now appeal to a far wider audience than simply middle-aged men.


The stylish Crossland X delivers innovation with options from a head-up display and 180° rear view camera to automatic emergency braking, all designed to make city driving a breeze.


Our athletic SUV impresses with a sporty attitude, dynamic design, efficiency and superb technology - so you can recapture the magic of driving all over again.