With an SUV, you can enjoy all the comfort of a more typical bodystyle combined with the robust power that comes from all four wheels. No other vehicle segment has experienced such a sharp increase in demand as the SUV in the past decade, and this is partially due to the special handling characteristics of cars in this segment.

4x4 and driving enjoyment.

Do you ever feel the desire to go off the beaten track, across mud, sand or rocky terrain? If you want a car as at home in snow or ice as on a dry road in summer, an SUV is the vehicle for you.


Whatever terrain it must navigate, 4x4 All-Wheel Drive systems provide grip and driving pleasure. Why? Because directing the drive to each of a car’s four wheels, rather than just the front or rear two (as is more common), allows far greater control on virtually any surface. In difficult conditions, the Opel Mokka X rises to the challenge with its optional 4x4 All-Wheel Drive system providing additional traction, stability, grip and control.

Power and brains.

Unlike many of the off-road cars that began to gain popularity around the turn of the century, today’s SUVs come armed with intelligent driver assistance systems designed to help the driver find the right driving mode in any given situation.

For instance, the driver can switch to rear- or front-wheel drive at the flick of a button on a smooth, dry road in which 4-wheel drive is not necessary. The feeling of freedom awarded by the higher driving position and better view of the road also contributes to a more relaxed driving experience.

Never lose your grip.

In the case of SUVs, All-Wheel Drive is not the only system designed to enhance the driving experience – the Opel Grandland X, for instance, can be specified with IntelliGrip adaptive traction. Five different driving modes ensure that whether on snow, mud or sand, ascending or descending hills, your car has maximum grip. Hill Start Assistant keeps you going on steep gradients.

Experience makes perfect.

Perhaps every car driver secretly considers himself a master driver – but often the reality is quite different. In order to properly assess your abilities, you should take part in driver safety training from time to time, if only because there is always room for improvement.


Why not take the opportunity to arrange an appointment for Opel Safety Training? Come and test the current model range in different weather conditions, and you might be surprised by just how dramatically the handling can change depending on the weather.


Have we awakened in you the desire for adventure? If so, the unique athleticism and advanced technologies offered by SUVs for the keen driver make your decision easy.

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The stylish Crossland X delivers innovation with options from a head-up display and 180° rear view camera to automatic emergency braking, all designed to make city driving a breeze.


Our athletic SUV impresses with a sporty attitude, dynamic design, efficiency and superb technology - so you can recapture the magic of driving all over again.