The reasons for the continued growth in popularity of SUVs are myriad, from striking design and robust dynamics to the higher driving position, offering a commanding view of the road. Overall, the segment has such broad fascination potential that it’s difficult to summarise everything in one sentence - that's why we took some time to map out all the advantages of driving an SUV.

The perfect everyday all-rounder.

Virtually the whole world loves SUVs – that can’t be a coincidence. So, why are millennials and mothers with young children equally drawn to this particular type of car? Is it the sporty design, its robustness, or the spaciousness so many SUVs offer? Actually, it’s all of the above. The fact that SUVs are equally at home in the city, on a highway or in offroad terrain makes them the perfect all-rounder for everyday life.

Of course, it’s not just about meeting the drivers needs – the fact remains that SUVs also sport major visual appeal. They look good – and the new Crossland X from Opel is evidence of that, combining modern, striking design with class-leading innovation and flexibility. This crossover is a match for you or your family’s needs and your desires.

The benefits of space.

SUVs have a whole host of interesting or unique advantages – for example, the elevated seating position is not only a case of easy access, but also gives drivers a better overview of the road and traffic ahead. This in turn can reduce stress and increase driving pleasure.


Another advantage is the high degree of ground clearance SUVs offer, meaning rougher terrain can be covered without a problem. The Opel Mokka X demonstrates this flexibility perfectly. Thanks to the Adaptive 4x4 All-Wheel Drive, the driver enjoys excellent grip, even in wet weather, increasing safety and making you feel more in control of the road.

SUVs may offer increased safety in and out of the car.

Safety first – it goes without saying that this rule of thumb for travel by car also applies to SUVs. These robust cars are designed to keep occupants safe at all times. In comparison with smaller cars or those with a lower body height, the larger crumple zone plays a decisive role in keeping passengers safe in case of an unfortunate accident1.


It’s good news for pedestrians, too – technological innovations such as automatic dangers with pedestrian detection also help those on foot to feel safer. Many such innovations can be found in the new Opel Grandland X.

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But what about the disadvantages?

Of course, the desirability factor of driving an SUV is not without its downsides. Because they often hold their value well, SUVs and crossovers might more often be targeted by car thieves2 – but the good news is that, in this worst-case scenario, increased safety systems and modern tracking technologies make it much easier than in years past to recover a stolen vehicle.
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The stylish Crossland X delivers innovation with options from a head-up display and 180° rear view camera to automatic emergency braking, all designed to make city driving a breeze.


Our athletic SUV impresses with a sporty attitude, dynamic design, efficiency and superb technology - so you can recapture the magic of driving all over again.